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Jul 22, 2012 7:00am PDT
of chefs, first, the latest on the tragedy in colorado and how it affects us all. >>> good morning, i'm melissa harris-perry. today, president barack obama will travel to aurora, colorado to meet with the grieving families of the victims of a shooting street that turned a midnight screening of "the dark knight rises" into a horrific tragedy. 26 victims remain hospitalized this morning. 9 in critical condition. the suspect, 24-year-old james holmes, a former neuroscience graduate student, is being held in solitary confinement, while he awaits a court appearance in the county on monday. yesterday, federal and local authorities disarmed the explosives rigged inside holmes' apartment, designed to kill whomever entered it. police have allowed residents evacuated from surrounding homes to return. let's get the latest from kristen dahlgren from aurora. good morning, kristen. >> reporter: good morning, melissa. you can see holmes' apartment behind me here, the one on the third floor there with windows broken out by authorities. as they were disarming those bombs. his building is still roped o
Jul 22, 2012 10:00am EDT
improvised grenades and three jugs of some kind of improvised napalm. they designed the bombs using a remote-controlled robotic device. we could hear a small blast outside here yesterday, and they also worked to preserve what's going to be used as evidence in the case against them as they continue to build that. last night, the fbi left here with what looked like a laptop and hard drive, and they also are saying that they have found evidence inside the apartment that shows this was calculated and deliberate both in the shooting and arming this apartment here with that network of bombs, melissa. >> kristen, thank you so much. undoubtedly, what we have seen since this tragedy as horrific as it is, is still some of the best news you can magiimag manl, that they could disarm that without further loss of life. >> let's bring in craig meeks and jonathan alter. thank you, both, for being here. we're starting to get to a point a couple of days since the tragedy where we can start to think about what it means more broadly. obviously, the president is going to colorado today. going in his role as pres
Jul 8, 2012 7:00am PDT
. the rest of us are counting on you. >>> good morning, i'm melissa harris-perry before we begin, we want to congratulate congressman barney frank and jim ready who got married last night. governor patrick duval officiated and asked if they promised to love each other on sickness and in health, on msnbc and fox, as long as they both shall live. congressman frank the first sitting member of congress to enter into a same-sex marriage. but now onto our top political story. when most of us think of the map of our country, we picture this. 48 states, all smooshed together with two more hovering in the pacific. but if you're one of the two americans currently running to be president of all the states on that map, right now, you're not really thinking much about the vast majority of them, because only four months out from election date, your version of the u.s. map looks a lot like this. this is a map of the battleground states in the presidential election and if you didn't see your state highlighted on that map, hate to break it to you, because your vote is not going to matter much in determini
Jul 8, 2012 10:00am EDT
. and the choosers. you are picking the president for the rest of us. so that means you don't have the luxury of political apathy. we, those of us who live in the all too predictable ballot box behavior states, counting on you to get it right. first of all, don't be fooled by the optics that are meant to signal the candidates understand the lives of scalled ordinary people. you know, like buss with folksy tour names. rich guys pretending they ride the bus is not a signal that they understand your lives. neither is rolling up their cleaves or leaving their neck ties at home or eating pancakes or drinking a beer. you know how politicians show you they can relate to your lives? creating policies that make your lives better. pay attention to what they say to you, not just what they are showing you. and numbers like these, totally unacceptable from a pew poll showed 45% of americans are completely clueless about the supreme court's landmark decision on affordable care act. listen, if it's your vote that determines whether or not the rest of us get health care, swing states, i need to you do a litt
Jul 7, 2012 10:00am EDT
as president of the united states. >> president obama has left us with middle class promises. >> how has the president's record challenged this? >> in a real way the competitor is the obama of 2008. some expectations were deliberately and some voiced upon him. if you listen to a focus group as i did a couple weeks ago, people see the economy getting better. but they thought that this president would make it get better much faster. he is, i think that's his issue, is to try to convince people that the economy is getting better while not open newsing how wonderful it is. >> that's the challenge. he has to talk about what he's done without folks saying it's perfect because then he's out of touch. >> if you don't get people believing in what he represents in his programs, and frankly he's been doing better, but it is half-hearted. and i don't think most people -- >> you mean in ter of the communicatn strategy. >> in communication and also what he's doing. we all know he sent a jobs program up. hit congress harder and send up another piece of legislation. what is he going to do? what is his s
Jul 21, 2012 7:00am PDT
on the gulf... and come on down. brought to you by bp and all of us who call the gulf home. >>> this morning we'll try to make sense of the senseless. one day after the mass shooting in aurora, colorado, we still have more questions than answers. we'll have the latest on what we know, what we don't and where as a community we go from here. >>> good morning. i'm melissa harris-perry. they were supposed to be the lucky ones. the movie-goers who just after midnight friday morning settled back in their seats in aurora, colorado, for indulgent and fantasy. they had the coveted tickets to one of the first showings in the most anticipated films of the year. theaters nationwide were sold out, so batman lovers could see "the dark knight rise." the final chapter in the extraordinary fantasy. it was supposed to be an escape into a world where caped crusaders battle evil, fictional evil, but the audience in aurora suddenly was confronted with the horrors of reality. as hollywood sound effects gave way to the real life sounds of violence and chaos. >> i've got people running out of the theater. they're s
Jul 21, 2012 10:00am EDT
are hospitalized. 11 of them remain critical. melissa? >> chris, i so appreciate you moving us from the suspect, james holmes, to the victims and the survivors. i think in the days to come, undoubtedly, we are going to want to know more about their stories. but one more thing on holmes is obviously that his apartment is very heavily booby-trapped and the police announced last night after the exhaustion of the day they were going to be holding off on trying to enter the apartment until today do. you know what the situation is there at the apartment? >> reporter: the intention the to try to go in again today but the problem is they don't know exactly what they are dealing with. you have this situation that few people have seen with all these criss-crossed wires. they are connected to what police believe could be insidiary devices. you have one-liter bottles with a liquid in there. you have jars full of ammunition. we know he bought in the two months leading up to this four guns and 6,000 rounds, melissa, of ammunition. and the question becomes, why would he tell police? he's the one who told poli
Jul 1, 2012 10:00am EDT
to make really clear, this is not a partisan issue. the left is doing to us as well as the right is. i think it was wrong when he did it, wrong when the governors are doing it. a little plausible deniability. not clear what they are saying to me. if what they are saying, we're not going to accept dollars for medicaid, that's within what the supreme court allows them to do. they would be in conformity with the supreme court decision. if they are saying we're engaging in state-wide civil disobedience and acquiesce to obama care, that's a different thing entirely. they are still me tab analyzing the decision. we'll see more nuance. >> i feel like nikki hawley and the supreme court decision. i have been focusing on the exchanges. exchanges, if they are not in place by january 1, the federal government has the right to set them up. talk to me about exchangesรง versus medicaid. two different relationships between the federal government that this new decision has given us. >> that's the irony, the red states are saying we're not going to implement the exchanges. they are inviting the federal
Jul 15, 2012 7:00am PDT
was that black people didn't get or want anything for free. they wanted the same use of the services for which they paid the same money, because they were segregated but their dollars weren't. not the tax dollars that went to schools they couldn't attend or helped pay for public schools where they were never allowed to swim or first-class fares on buses or trains. so, no, the naacp didn't need any reminders about free stuff. but they may have needed this one wake-up call. that the guy running against the president thinks they are props, which is another thing that romney did at the naacp on wednesday, which is one that obama should be thanking him for. because romney just sliced a piece of red meat, too. joining me, joy-ann reid and comedian lynn winstead, author of "live free or die." joy, who did you think he was talking to? >> i have a piece about this exact same thing you've taken the words right out of my mouth. i think there were two audiences that mitt romney had in mind and neither was naacp, clearly. one of them was white independents, he wants them to see this visual, going to naacp
Jul 14, 2012 7:00am PDT
and occasional family vacations. that's actually the u.s. department of commerce and vice president biden saying this is what the middle class is. the story i just told was that "sesame street" is our aspirational middle class. it's the kind of community we wish we lived in. is that what's dying in our current economic circumstances? >> that's what is dying, melissa. i think about the three african-american children who look at shows on pbs and see themselves as shelby pointed out, they see themselves reflected in the programs and say, that's me. that's who i am. my kids were so excite when michelle obama appeared on "sesame street." here she was telling them how to grow good foods that you can eat and they felt that could be me one day. and we don't see that in commercial television that's aimed at young people because their goal is not to show the diversity of children that are out there. their goal is to figure out cross promotional programs and a way to launch this particular singing star on this tv show so they will be able to go on parade around the country to sell what they are selling. >
Jul 15, 2012 10:00am EDT
anasis at wasryino fir up the base and using props, i think what he was trying to say to the base -- and this will b a bit procative an y knoate th -- at hwas yingo thbaseas hwas lkinto a om fl of wil horts. th's wt hwas trying to do. willy horton was used in our troubled political history a idend byhe ft thhe medieeaction was byush limbaugh, he does speak for the people of undercservatives who wish for goo o rurnf th ds o jrow. th's wt heas dng ia ve pasve-aresse wa >>'d s it litt diereny. y are not saying dragon of radio? >> i would say this, i would say that mitt rneyasalli for a sier jkson ment he cricizea youappe a ldier for being provocative and using imagery that n o wod suort. e neconsere okinto s thatitt mneyoulde toh en h nded be ugh. >> l me sh bk onhe sister stole der a little bit. i've heard this used before. bill clinton w demrat w wapushg ba theeft his n pay. inrderor ts toe a ster ldie ment it wld b romn callg,or exple, rush limbaugh -- it would need be him distancing himself from the right of his party in order to establish a cente posion. wel hers wh i wld sa i
Jul 14, 2012 10:00am EDT
for their children, health and retirement security and occasiol family vacations. that's actually the u.s dertme ofommee and ve pridenbideayin thiis wh the mdlelass . th sto i jt tol was tha esamstre" isur piraonaliddlclas it'sheind of community we wish we lived in. is that what's dying in our current economic circumstances? >> that's at is dying, liss i thk abt the tee afrin-amicanhildn wh lookt sws on pbsnd s thselv ashelb poied out,heyee tmsels reflected in the programs and say, that's me. that's who i am. my kids were so excite when michelle obama appeared on "same reet herehe w telng tm h t ow gdoodshat y canat d ty fthatoulde m onday. anwe d't see thatn mmeral tevisnhat' med yngeoplecau their goal is not to show t diversity of children that are out there. their goal is to figure out cross promotional programs a way t lnchhis pticur siing ar o ts tv swo ey wilbe ae to o rade arodhe coury t ll wt ty a selling. >> it is not a multi-linguistic demographic for years, since the '70s. cong ,e'll tk mor on e milelass and specical it h bee a baful ek f mt romn. th1% i goio try t exain it all way
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)